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AIS Teacher Standards

AIS Performance Standards for Teachers

Austin International School uses a standards-based professional growth and evaluation process for all educators. These standards are a teacher's job description for our school. They define specific teaching behaviors that are based on research and current practice, and influence student achievement.
The teacher...
Performance Area A: Effective Planning and Preparation
Standard 1: Demonstrates knowledge of subject, content, and best practices in instruction.
Standard 2: Uses the AIS mission, curriculum, skills, processes, and unit plans as a framework for lesson planning.
Standard 3: Demonstrates effective planning and organization to impact student learning.
Performance Area B: Productive Teaching
Standard 4: Communicates effectively with students and parents.
Standard 5: Defines learning expectations and provides timely evaluative feedback on student performance.
Standard 6: Motivates and engages students in meaningful learning and growth.
Standard 7: Emphasizes language proficiency.
Performance Area C: Learning Environment
Standard 8: Personalizes learning.
Standard 9: Demonstrates sensitivity in teacher-student relations.
Standard 10: Provides a safe learning environment.
Performance Area D: Learning Community Responsibilities
Standard 11: Demonstrates effective interpersonal relationships.
Standard 12: Upholds and models commonly held AIS core values.
Standard 13: Supports AIS/MEN policies and regulations.
Standard 14: Commits to continuous learning.
Standard 15: Participates in school activities beyond the classroom.
Performance Area E: Technology
Standard 16: Demonstrates competency/proficiency with technology.
Standard 17: Appropriately uses technology to enhance student learning.