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Strategic Plan

AIS Strategic Plan 2016-2021


AIS Vision

We develop global citizens with strong interpersonal skills who will interact positively with people from all cultural backgrounds and adapt to ever-changing international conditions.



To be recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as leader in international education

We will strengthen our academic and administrative practices in order to enhance our school’s identity.

We will use backwards planning to build a sustainable curriculum that aligns with our profile of graduates. In developing global citizens prepared for the world of tomorrow, we will strengthen our service learning opportunities.

We will develop and enhance essential practices that support learners’ needs and follow international best practice.



To drive awareness of our academic program and to ensure the continued controlled growth of AIS

We will drive awareness of the exceptional academic program and extracurriculuar opportunities that we offer.

We will refine our marketing materials, practices, and procedures and seek opportunities to connect with the local and global communities.

We will strive to be a center for international education by contributing to the international drive for the development of future global citizens.



To build upon our academic program by offering a rigorous secondary school program of studies

We will further develop, design, and open the new AIS Middle School.

This program will build on our school’s seamless immersion program and will prepare students for successful entry into strong, high school programs locally and abroad.

In preparation for the opening of our secondary program, we will prepare manageable plans for facilities, curriculum, staffing, and the acquisition of necessary resources.




To ensure the responsible management of resources that enables AIS to fulfill its vision and mission

We will develop and cultivate our sense of community in order to increase school loyalty and pride.

To this end, we will strengthen our relationship with individuals and organizations that share an appreciation for our vision and mission.

By following operational best practices, we will build a transparent and financially sustainable institution. We will seek to provide our students with the best resources available.

AIS Mission

Through a rigorous, immersive, trilingual curriculum delivered in French, English, and Spanish, we develop our students’ critical thinking skills and pique their intellectual curiosity, preparing them for personal and academic success at AIS and beyond. We inspire all our students to become independent thinkers and to develop their confidence by expanding minds and broadening perspectives.