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Our Pedagogical Teams

Educators Dedicated to Maximizing Student Growth

Our low student-to-teacher ratio and innovative teacher collaboration enables our educators to develop an individualized path for your child to discover his or her full potential. Our teachers are committed to empowering your child to perform at the highest academic standards, while developing his or her critical thinking, personal balance, and adventurousness. This personalized attention ensures your child receives the support they need to become positive contributors in the community, with the confidence to grow into global leaders and initiate connections with others.

Our Pedagogical Leadership Team

Ms. Emily HopkinsPrincipal (English and Spanish Academics, Cycles 3 and 4 Student Life)

Ms. Audrey TalaricoProviseure (French Academics, Cycles 1 and 2 Student Life)


Meet our Classroom Teachers


Meet our Educational Specialists

Kate Clark, Librarian
Kate remembers the exact moment when she learned the etymology of the word “philosophy” in her freshman year of college, and has loved the word ever since. “Love of knowledge” is at the heart of what she does every day as a librarian. “People tend to think of librarians as book protectors or professional shushers,” she says, “but we are really the champions of knowledge. We connect people to information.” As a librarian, Kate draws on her experience as a classroom teacher, public library experience and personal love of sharing knowledge. She previously held the position of librarian at Pickle Elementary within Austin ISD, as a primary teacher at ACE Academy in Austin, and was a library intern at the St. John’s and Faulk branches of the Austin Public Library. When not working, Kate supports the arts by taking in a theater, dance or music performance as often as possible. Education: MLS in information studies, The University of Texas at Austin. BA in musical theater and psychology, Syracuse University (NY).

Ms. Virginie Grimaud, Art, Sports, and Music Teacher (French)
Ms. Virginie began teaching at Austin International School in 2012. It was an eye-opening experience for her as well after teaching for several years in primary schools in Marseille, France, after an earlier career in the private sector. She appreciates the insight gained from teaching with other teachers with different backgrounds who share their many experiences and different languages and cultures amongst the teaching team, and have new methods she can incorporate into her own teaching practice. Virginie loves to spend her free time with her family to discover Austin and surrounding areas, to travel around the USA, and take advantage of her time here to get to know the country. She also loves to read and to play the violin. Her teaching philosophy reads, “The class needs to be a safe environment to my students to allow them to learn from their mistakes and differences; therefore, I use both variety and consistency -- consistency to make my students feel safe and variety to reach all of my students.”