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A Typical Day at AIS

A Typical Day at AIS

From Academics to Enrichment

From finger puppets and poems, cooking class and sing alongs for the youngest students to science experiments and acrogym, choir practice and computers for the older students, the school day is brimming with activity. Optional extracurricular activities extend the learning day for enhanced science, art, music, dance, and other enrichments for parents picking up after the bell rings.

We invite you to take some time to explore a typical day for our elementary students in:

If you are considering our secondary program, students' days take into acount discrete subject requirements:

Once the bell rings at 3:15pm each day (or 3:30pm for Secondary School), students may then extend their learning through our Extracurricular Program.

AIS Grade Levels

At AIS, grade levels follow the naming convention of the French National Education system and are divided into four academic cycles.

Cycle 1

PK3 - Petite Section (PS)
PK4 - Moyenne Section (MS)
Kinder - Grande Section (GS)

Cycle 2

1stCours Préparatoire (CP)
2ndCours Élémentaire 1 (CE1)
3rdCours Élémentaire 2 (CE2)

Cycle 3

4thCours Moyen 1 (CM1)
5thCours Moyen 2 (CM2)
6thSixième (6e)

Cycle 4

7th - Cinquième (5e)
8th - Quatrième (4e)
9th - Troisième (3e)