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Seamless Learning

Seamless Learning

International Education for a Global City

Austin International School is the premier school for international learning in central Texas. We are recognized for our strong and broad-based academic curriculum, our progressive math program, and our high-quality, international education. Students are not only immersed in French, English, and Spanish; they are also educated in all subject areas using these languages. Our program encourages intellectual curiosity, as well as critical and analytical thinking. In addition, students focus on other essential life skills such as socialization, independence, organization, and responsibility. Austin International School uses a seamless curriculum for all grade levels from pre-kindergarten up, which incorporates the strengths of both the French and American systems of education. This ensures that students will be able to make a smooth transition into the American or French education systems -- or anywhere in the world -- after AIS. Small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio enable a supportive learning environment and individualization of the program.

Learning for Today and Tomorrow

Learners at Austin International School work to develop strong academic knowledge and skills in a number of content areas, including languages, mathematics, arts, sciences, physical education, civics, and so on. Beyond our system of rigorous academics, AIS educators work with students to develop their learning skills as well as their affective skills. By focusing on these three key components of a well-rounded education, we develop in our students a set of transferrable skills that will prepare them for higher education and beyond.

Learning Skills. Learning how to learn is an essential component to a successful education. Strong learning skills develop in students a sense of autonomy, allowing for the development of greater responsibility and ownership for learning. Our students focus on the AIS Habits of Learning by considering the ways in which thinking, communication, social, self-management, and research skills can enhance success both inside and outside of the classroom. By reflecting on their progress in these areas, students are able to highlight their strengths as learners and also target areas for improvement.

Affective skills. Consideration for our local and global communities is essential to developing students' sense of responsibility, as well as the core values of mutual respect and generosity of heart. Consideration for the people and environment with which we must interact on a daily basis is critical to student growth and success, particularly in a world that is ever-changing. By purposeful engagement of students' emotional intelligence, our educators help to develop students' ability to empathize, motivate, lead, and build teams. The AIS Service Learning program allows our students to engage in purposeful and meaningful issues of contemporary global importance by considering the ways our community can enhance the communities around us.