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Community Stories

Community Stories

We have so much we would like to share with you! Before we do, we’ll let our students and their families go first!

Video Highlights

James & Kate, AIS parents

“This will really open up the world to her.”

Kate McCarthy and James Salisbury have two children at AIS. Their daughter is in 1st grade and their son is in Pre-K. As professional scientists, they value the hands-on experiments and robust lessons and field trips that bring the subject to life at an early age. They have also made deep personal connections with other AIS parents.

Michelle & David, AIS parents

“I had said, ‘Why does he need French?'”

Missy Markley and David Houston are parents of AIS students in Kindergarten and 4th grade. Their son, Davey, is an AIS alumnus and now a student at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.



Lorea, AIS alumna

“I love challenges.”

Lorea is currently a 6th grade student at Redeemer Lutheran School who loves a challenge, be it in advanced math or music. She attended AIS for 7 years.



Maris, AIS alumna

“I felt really prepared for the social aspect of middle school.”

Maris attended AIS from Pre-K through 5th grade and is now a successful 8th grade student at Kealing Middle School, getting ready for the next steps into high school. She is interested in a wide variety of subjects, from language to science to dance.