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Tuition and Fees

2018-2019 Tuition and  Fees

Our tuition includes the cost of textbook rental, consumable workbooks, and the cost of local field trips.




  • Early (re-)enrollment discount of $250 for contracts received before April 1st, 2018.
  • Families will receive a $350 discount for each sibling enrolled in our academic programs.
  • Referral fee discount of $250 for referrals leading to completed enrollments.

Other Required Fees

Required fees for new students:

  • Application fee: $125
  • Registration fee: $1,000 (waived before April 1st, 2018)

Required fees for all students:

  • Parent-Teacher Organization Dues: $75 (per family)
  • Technology Fee: $100 in Cycle 1; $200 in Cycle 2; $300 in Cycles 3 and 4
  • Expansion Fee: $500 (per family)

Required fees for class trips outside of Austin:

  • CM1 Trip to Fort Davis, Texas: $600
  • CM2 Trip to France: $2,000


Payment Options

Families may elect to make their payments on the following schedules:

  • one-time
  • two installemnts
  • monthly installements over nine months