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Afterschool Activities


Check back soon for our Fall 2018 activities!

Registration starts August 14th, 2018




Activities in English

In the Idea Lab Kids Culinary Club (1st-5th Grade), our classroom will transform into a Mobile Kitchen. Here, we will mix, measure, and pour our creative recipes. Our students will experience cooking from scratch when we create both savory and sweet dishes. Each week, we will take notes on our recipes and take home the ones we want to do again with our parents. If we have enough left over after each class, we will be sure to send some home with your students for parents to try! Taught by Idea Lab Kids
In the Idea Lab Kids Engineering Club (1st-5th Grade), students will be given a unique engineering challenge or project each week. These will be team based, hands on activities that will get them thinking like junior engineers. They will fill out a data worksheet each week to help them draw out and understand each project we will do. Projects will progressively become more difficult, and we will apply project based learning to facilitate real-world learning objectives. In addition, throughout the semester there will be various MacGyver Challenges, where students will have to find a solution to a more open ended challenges. Taught by Idea Lab Kids.
This class is designed especially for the preschooler that wants tumbling, balance beam, and rhythmic gymnastics in one class.  Students will progress through warm-up exercises, strength and flexibility skills, locomotor and coordination skills, creative movement, and a variety of tumbling, balance beam and rhythmic gymnastics skills (ball, ribbon and hoop manipulation).
Through Lego-based activities, students have the opportunity to visit different stations and to participate in various creative projects. This popular club involves honing students creativitive and imaginative skills, as well as a desire to build while collaborating with others. Taught by Dave Hewes.
Minecraft is a sandbox video game that helps develop students' early coding skills. In this very popular club, participants will be required to enter a world of collaboration with others. This club always fills up fast, so dont miss out! Taught by Dave Hewes.
Transform into an engineer with hands-on projects like designing rubber band race cars, roller coasters, and pulley systems. Get to know your world on an elemental level by becoming a budding scientist who explores the science behind slime, blood typing, and build rockets to launch into the sky! This class is perfect for the curious minded student who loves to build, create, and see how things work!
For the younger students, there are two goals: exploring different sports and developing fundamental techniques. At this age, children develop muscle memory that will stay with them for life, so repetition of correct movements is important. This group progresses beyond the backyard basics to more complicated movements such as learning several basketball passing techniques or developing awareness of ball speed control. Classes are very creative and use stories and games to keep children interested and loving sports.
Students enrolled in our table tennis activity have the opportunity to refine their techniques in this fast-paced, high-intensity sport. Classes are led by experienced and competitive table tennis players who will push students to grow at their individual paces. Taught by the Austin Table Tennis Club.
Through this activity, students learn the basic techniques for playing tennis. All activities take place indoors with portable nets, allowing students to develop their tennis skills in a comfortable envrionment. Students will receive immediate feedback on their technique and will collaborate with others. Taught by Kid Fit Tennis.
These after school yoga classes integrate playful yoga postures, breathing exercises and guided relaxation along to music for an exhilarating experience for your child. Yoga is a self-expressive and non-competitive way for children to build self-esteem and instill confidence, improve concentration and focus, develop a healthy intellect, build balance, coordination and flexibility, develop calmness and learn tools for coping with stress in difficult situations. We help each student practice healthy habits and reach his or her highest potential. Taught in English by instructor Amy Pancake.
Students will continue their multi-cultural journey learning about master and contemporary artists and techniques from around the globe, such as Spain, Australia and China. Children will learn about basic elements of drawing, visual composition, balance, try their hand at small sculptures, even create their own mosaic collage. They will continue their artful adventures, exploring painting, sculpting, drawing, and more. Taught by Young Rembrandts.


Activities in French

This class reunites former students of AIS who desire to practice their conversational skills in French. The club members debate international news and philosophical subjects by reading French newspapers, watching French documentaries, and debating in French. For more information, please see the Alumni Club section of our site.
Students will have an exciting time learning in French about art from different time periods, cultures, and artists. Creativity will be the guide to create hands-on projects from all kind of materials. We will paint, cut, glue and draw, exploring our curiosity and imaginations. Each age group will have a unique approach to the subject matter. Art I will explore the Italian Renaissance, Art II will explore women artists. Both classes are open to students 6 years and older. Taught in French by art instructor Valérie Horne.
Using contemporary French children’s novels, French theater plays, and articles from French newspapers, students will read at home and use class time to do writing exercises using the books for inspiration. Children will focus on skills to take (and hopefully pass) the French test DELF “B1”, a recognized certification of French-language abilities for non-native speakers of French administered by the International Center for French Studies for France’s Ministry of Education. Some types of writing may include essays based on the subject matter, allowing students to express their personal viewpoint.It is recommended to take this class along with the French Alumni I or II class (oral DELF) offered on Thursdays at AIS. Taught by Elisabeth Vedrine.

Activities in Spanish

Through this activity, students hone their creative capicities by using everyday materials in order to bring their the world of their imagination to life! By engaging in this activity in Spanish, students use the language and receive immediate feedback -- both for their artistic and linguistic skills. Taught by Anna Wallace.
We aim to develop necessary motor and interpersonal skills used in everyday life through a sport that the kids enjoy. The students learn that soccer can be both, an individual and team sport as they develop their own soccer and communication skills. They acquire knowledge regarding the rules of the game and we progress as a group beginning with the basic aerobic stretches and exercises. Then we advance to dribbling, passing and shooting. We encourage the children to have fun while learning and cooperating as a team.