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Employer Match

Employer Match

Many employers offer matching funds when their employees and retirees donate to charitable organizations. Please check with your employer’s matching program for guidelines. We are aware of several companies who match funds donated to Austin International School.



AIS meets the eligibility requirements under the guidelines of the IBM Matching Grants Program. IBM will match on a 1 to 1 cash basis for active employees and a ½ to 1 cash basis for retired employees. Eligible contributions are up to $5,000 per institution per calendar year. Institutions may elect IBM logo equipment/software credit in lieu of the cash match. Gifts are matched at a ratio of 2 to 1 for active employees and 1 to 1 for retired employees. IBM matches will be made in the form of cash unless the institution requests otherwise.



Parents have successfully used their Dell donation matching program as well as their Dell Cause Cards. If you are a Dell employee, please consider contributing through the Dell matching program and/or with your Cause Card.