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A Message from the Board of Directors

April 05, 2020
By Marie Musalem

Dear AIS Community,

The Board of Directors of AIS hopes this email finds you well.

Most of the Board’s duties lie in the long-term mission and vision of the school but these days, we all need to focus on the present. Starting on the first day of spring break on Marc 16th and every day since then, Jacques has been sending the Board a daily recap of the mountain of work that was accomplished that day by the teachers, the staff, and the leadership team.

When I first joined the Board several years ago, I was impressed by the dedication and commitment of the AIS employees to our children’s academic success. And the pandemic is not slowing them down! In fact, in some ways it gave them wings to fly higher for our kids. The teachers have spent a great deal of their well-deserved spring break preparing for distance learning, with the support of the staff and the leadership team. Although we are all physically separated, the situation the world is in right now has brought us closer – and the kids jumped on the distance learning train with both feet since it started on Wednesday. A huge thanks to all the AIS employees for what you’re doing for our kids right now: ensuring a bright future for them at AIS.

All of this would not have been possible without the support of parents and guardians at home. Thank you to the amazing AIS family community! Can you believe what we’re doing right now? We’re managing a household, keeping kids on track with their homework, feeding everyone, staying healthy – all while maintaining productivity at work. So please don’t beat yourself up if you child had more screen time than usual or if you are behind on your fitness routine; we are all experiencing the same challenges and also the same joys.

What a gift to get to see my children during the craziness of a workday, even if they know how to stay quiet when mommy is on the phone with a client. What a gift to take a few minutes off work to follow along their online learning. What a gift to have your little one scribble on this new contract with a major client that it took us months to obtain. Well, maybe not so much right now, but we will eventually all laugh about these mishaps! Remember to keep your coffee mug away from your laptop, since there are little hands around the house. And kudos to the AIS employees who also have their children at home!

It's hard. We’re tired, we’re worried, and maybe even a bit scared at night, but the AIS Community is here to keep us moving forward. I encourage us to turn off the news in front of our children so we can spend an hour together without saying the word “COVID-19.” The AIS Board of Directors is here for you too. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me – or to any other Board member – and we will do what we can to help. We are in constant communication with Jacques and his team, who are going above and beyond to provide our children with the best and most enriching teaching experience. You can learn more about us on our school’s website.

The Board also has a fiduciary duty towards the school to ensure proper handling of the finances by April and her team. The budget is serious business at AIS and knowing in advance how many children will fill up the classrooms in August is a huge asset in better planning for next year. Remember that early bird enrollment ends this evening by midnight, so don’t delay signing up your kids for next year. Check the Friday Flash for instructions on how to enroll for next year. In these times of uncertainty, I felt good securing a spot for my two children at AIS for the 2020-2021 school year.

Thank you all for being part of the AIS Community, and thank you for allowing us, your Board members, lead the school in the right direction for the future of our children.

We wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy rest of your weekend.


Ms. Marie Musalem
Chair, Board of Directors


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