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École des Loisirs Book Subscription through AIS (2021-2022)

September 10, 2021
By Jacques A. Weber

Dear AIS Families,

AIS is pleased to once again offer families preferential group rates for École des Loisirs (EDL) books through their French-language book club called École des Max!

Through a subscription to EDL, children receive one book in French per month during the school year, for a total of eight French books by the end of the academic year. Starting in November 2021, students will receive the first book of the series and then one book per month for the remaining seven months of the school year. EDL carefully curates its list of books to ensure appropriate reading for native and non-native children at different grade levels. For families whose native language is not French, readings of the stories are also available online through the EDL website (click on the “Listen to the stories 2021-2022” section).

Through its subscription program, EDL is offering the following series for the 2021-2022 school year (click on the links for specific details regarding each subscription, including titles and descriptions of each book):

  • BÉBÉMAX [$62/year] (native: PS; non-native: PS/MS/GS) -- Bright and colorful books with simple, funny sentences that stimulate curiosity
  • TITOUMAX [$63/year] (native: PS/MS; non-native: PS/MS/GS) -- Little stories about daily life that use familiar words about heroes who have lots of imagination
  • MINIMAX [$64/year] (native: GS; non-native: CP) -- Slightly longer stories though still with heroes ready for big adventures
  • KILIMAX [$65/year] (native: CP/CE1; non-native: CE1/CE2) -- More complex storytelling where images and text are strongly linked. They're lovely stories to read aloud.
  • ANIMAX [$66/year] (native: CE1/CE2; non-native: CM1/CM2) -- Illustrated novels, albums, and comics built around fantastic worlds and exciting story-telling
  • MAXIMAX [$67/year] (native: CM1/CM2; non-native: CM1/CM2) -- For kids who love adventure! These stories embody diverse points of view on discovering the world around us.
  • SUPERMAX [$69/year] (native: Middle School; non-native: Middle School) -- Novels and comics that unlock children's curiosity as they set out on a journey of self-discovery through amazing adventures
  • MÉDIUM MAX [$70/year] (native: Teenagers; non-native: Teenagers) -- Stories aimed directly at adolescents. The heroes are amazing and the themes are universal.

If you would like to subscribe to one of the above series for this school year, please complete the attached registration form and submit it with full payment in the correct amount made payable to "L'École des Loisirs." Payment may be made by personal check, cashier's check, money order, credit card, or PayPal (details on the attached form). Please turn in your completed forms during morning drop-off to staff under the portico on or before Friday, September 24th in order to take advantage of our school's discounted subscription rates. Books will be delivered to the school each month beginning in November and will be distributed to students through their classes.

By organizing École des Max subscriptions, Austin International School will receive 8 new books for our AIS library for every ten subscriptions organized through the school. Our goal this year is to have 80 subscriptions organized through AIS so that we can 64 amazing new titles to our library. At under $9 per book, this is a great way to not only support your child(ren)'s French literacy skills, but to also support the school. Thank you in advance for your support and for spreading the word with other families!

For more information about EDL's École des Max book subscription service, please visit their website (version française) or contact me via return email.

Bonne lecture and warm regards,


Mr. Jacques A. Weber, M.Ed.
Head of School/Chef d'Établissement

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