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2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Our tuition includes the cost of textbooks, consumable workbooks, and the cost of local field trips.


  • Early (re-)enrollment discount of $250 per student for contracts received during Early Commitment Periods (February for current AIS families and March for new families). Tuition will increase on March 1st for continuing families and will increase on April 1st for new families.
  • Referral fee discount of $250 for referrals leading to completed enrollments.

Sibling Discounts
AIS offers sibling discounts for families with multiple students enrolled at AIS. The eldest child will receive a $250 discount on their tuition. The next eldest sibling will receive a $500 discount on their tuition. The third (and fourth or more) eldest student attending AIS will each receive a $1,000 discount on their individual tuition. These sibling discounts do not apply to families with only one student currently attending AIS.

Other Required Fees

Required fees for new students:

  • Application fee: $125
  • Registration New Student fee: $1,000 (waived during Early Commitment Period)
  • New Student testing fees: vary by assessment needs

Other fees due upon registration for all students at (re-)enrollment:

  • Parent-Teacher Organization Dues: $75 (per family)
  • Technology Fee: $100 in Cycle 1; $200 in Cycle 2; $300 in Cycles 3 and 4 (per student)
  • Expansion Fee: $500 (per family)

Other optional fees may include:

  • ESL/FLE Additional language support fees: $1,500

Required fees for class trips outside of Austin:

  • CM1 Trip to Fort Davis, Texas: $800
  • CM2 Trip to France: $2,300
  • Middle School Retreat: $400
  • Middle School class trip: TBD (paid directly to vendor)

Fee Information

Technology Fee
The technology fee is part of an ongoing strategic technology plan to improve and enhance student resources. These fees—charged per student—provide a distinct resource for student technology-related expenditures to replace obsolete computer and classroom equipment, support interdisciplinary curriculum development and program tools, expand networking and data security, and provide access to educational resources. These fees also facilitate the following device to student ratios:

  • PS, MS, GS: 4 iPads/tablets per class
  • CP, CE1, CE2, CM1: 1:4 student to laptop ratio
  • CM2 through Middle School: 1:1 student to laptop ratio

Expansion Fee
The expansion fee provides the revenue stream to meet the facility and capital expense needs of the school. Additionally, it may be used for financing and debt service of the existing campus facilities and provides resources for continued growth and expansion needs of our campus.

Payment Options

Families may elect to make their payments on the following schedules:

  • one-time
  • two installments
  • monthly installments over nine months

Tuition Schedule

  • Families who register during the early commitment period pay a non-refundable deposit of 10% of tuition plus other fees due upon registration as outlined above. The deposit and fees due upon registration are non-refundable.
  • The balance of tuition is due in annual, semi-annual, or nine monthly installments from August 2023 to April 2024.
  • Families who register/re-enroll after the Early Commitment period pay the balance of tuition in either an annual, semi-annual, or 9 month payment plan from June 2023 through February 2024.
  • Families registering after June 1st will have a condensed payment schedule.
  • Families may contact the Director of Finance and Administration ( for any inquiries regarding financial aid or other payment arrangements.