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Welcome to the Owl's Nest Appeal

At Austin International School, we are delighted to introduce the Owl's Nest Appeal — a continuous effort designed to enhance our educational programs and enrich the learning experiences of our students. Every donation, no matter the size, plays a vital role in supporting our community. With the Owl's Nest, you can make a general contribution to the Enrichment Fund or you can specify if you would like your funds committed to the athletic department, fine arts programs, library resources, or our innovative Design and Innovation Lab. 

Join us in making a meaningful impact and helping to create an even more enriching environment for our students. Together, we can uphold the high standards of excellence that define AIS. 

Donate now to help us build a better future!

Fuel AIS's Design Lab: Building the Future at AIS

Join us in propelling Austin International School to new heights by supporting the establishment of a cutting-edge Design and Innovation Lab. This lab will serve as a cornerstone in advancing AIS, enriching the educational experience, and bolstering our MYP IB program. Your contribution will empower students to explore creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills essential for success in the modern world. Be a part of our journey as we embark on this exciting endeavor to launch a transformative department within AIS, shaping the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Pave the Way for the Future of Sports at AIS

We are on a mission to enhance our athletics department by raising funds for the development of versatile and safe facilities. These initiatives will create a multifunctional and inclusive space for our sports programs, including a new track tailored to meet the needs of our cross country and track teams. Through these efforts, we aim to foster an environment that supports athletic excellence and allows our students to thrive in their respective disciplines.

Pages Unbound: AIS Library Enrichment

Enhance our newly redesigned library, set to launch in August 2024. Beyond books, your contribution will expand the technological horizons of our library, introducing cutting-edge tools and resources. From interactive learning platforms to immersive digital experiences, we aim to create an environment where students from preschool to middle school — and hopefully high school — can explore, create, and innovate. Join us in shaping a library that transcends traditional boundaries. Donate now and be a part of this exciting transformation towards a tech-infused learning landscape!

Artistic Crescendo: AIS Arts Department Expansion

Step into the spotlight and support the flourishing AIS Arts Department! After a stellar inaugural year with the introduction of our Strings Ensemble and Theater Program, we're eager for more. As AIS experiences remarkable growth, we're dedicated to elevating our arts offerings to unparalleled heights. Your generous contribution will fuel this mission, enabling us to sustain and amplify these transformative programs. Join us in sculpting a legacy of creativity and excellence at AIS. Donate now to shape the future of the arts!