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Music Program

Music Program



Enrich your life: listen, learn, and perform.

Austin International School is excited to launch its first string ensemble program. This program is open to all CM1/4th - 4e/8th graders at AIS and will be led by Mr. Steve Duprez.

“Artistic creativity is just as important as other subjects. Knowing computer coding and calculus is great, but it’s the creative application of that knowledge that changes the world. Involving your children in the arts offers real creative and cognitive benefits. These students will be the ones who find the patterns that unlock the mysteries, issues, and challenges of the future.” Why Learn Strings?… A message from Dr. B. of the  University of Arizona String Project.

  • A Classes: Monday and Thursday, 3:45-5:45 pm
  • B Classes: Tuesday and Friday, 3:45-5:45 pm

(There is no difference between classes, just the days they are offered.)

$440 per semester (11 weeks)*
Sept 5th - Dec 5th
No experience necessary
Parents are encouraged to rent or purchase instruments.
AIS will have a limited supply of loaner instruments.

Mr. Steve Duprez has been playing Cello for over 50 years, and also has played Violin and Viola. He has taught music for several years and has been a member of several professional and community orchestras. Mr. Steve is currently a member of the Balcones Community Orchestra here in Austin, an ensemble that presents free monthly concerts throughout the Austin area September through May.


*All proceeds go towards developing the AIS Music Program.