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Academics at AIS

Academics at AIS

Welcome to Austin International School! We are a unique international community of learners where children and teachers come together from all over the world to learn in French, Spanish, and English.  Austin International School is committed to guiding every student toward becoming a positive contributor to the global community. Academics at Austin International School supports our mission to create independent thinkers, build confidence, and broaden our students’ perspectives.

Based on the well-regarded French National Curriculum and correlated to the Common Core State Standards, we deliver a rigorous trilingual program with an international focus. At AIS, we teach a seamless curriculum in all three languages. Supporting one curriculum taught in three languages allows a sincere dialogue between cultures and languages, develops critical thinking, and enhances collaborative skills.

Our commitment to working collaboratively in three languages sets the standard for bringing people and ideas together in a continuing pedagogical dialogue. Our dedicated teachers bring their personal background, culture, and professional expertise to create and deliver a robust and challenging curriculum. Successfully collaborating with people from different backgrounds to achieve a greater good is essential to our mission and vision.

We look forward to working with you as your children travel down a path of academic and personal success and we invite you to contact us if we can be of any assistance along the way