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École - Elementary School

Austin International School's seamless units of instruction are primarily based on the French National Curriculum's program of studies. Important to the development of these units, however, are links to the American Common Core Standards as well as the Standards for Foreign Language Learning published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Integration of these three systems allows École students to learn essential content and skills through the languages, communities, and cultures of the world.

Acquiring fundamental skills

In first, second, and third grades, with ever-increasing autonomy, students develop their basic skills, including reading in the three languages and cursive writing. Students spend 60% of their time in French, the goal being to provide students with enough vocabulary, structure, and competency in understanding and expression in French in order to tackle any academic subject. A logical, systematic approach and a pride in presentation of work are also viewed as prerequisites for clear thinking and future academic success.

In-depth study

In fourth and fifth grades, students explore language arts, math, science, history/social science, and the arts at a much deeper level. These are the years where “balanced trilingualism” is honed. Students in these grades continue to spend 60% of their time in French. Essential concepts are introduced and reinforced in the fourth grade and mastered in the fifth grade. Mastering academic content in three distinct languages broadens the students’ understanding of how other cultures view the world.

AIS Grade Levels

At AIS, grade levels follow the naming convention of the French National Education system and are divided into four academic cycles.

Maternelle - Early Learning

PK3 - Petite Section (PS)

PK4 - Moyenne Section (MS)

Kinder - Grande Section (GS)

École - Elementary School

1st - Cours Préparatoire (CP)

2nd - Cours Élémentaire 1 (CE1)

3rd - Cours Élémentaire 2 (CE2)

4th - Cours Moyen 1 (CM1)

5th - Cours Moyen 2 (CM2)

Collège - Middle School

6th - Sixième (6e)

7th - Cinquième (5e)

8th - Quatrième (4e)