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Maternelle - Early Learning

Our Early Learning program capitalizes on the opportunity for the acquisition of new languages at the level of native fluency. Our child-centered program is differentiated and highly kinesthetic allowing children to develop their natural talents and curiosities in a language rich environment.

Through guided activities in all three languages, children develop fine and gross motor coordination in space, as well as sensory, emotional, cognitive, and relational skills. Vocabulary, syntax, and the rhythm of languages are built through daily verbal interactions in the classroom, in the context of physical activities and through stories, dance, and song. 

Gently unfolding trilingual education with a world view

Maternelle is a kind and caring environment. Its principle objective is to foster in children a desire to attend school in order to learn, assert themselves, and allow their personalities to blossom. Learning in Maternelle is based on a single fundamental principle: all students are capable of learning and growing. By having confidence in the capacities of each child, Maternelle encourages children to have confidence in their own ability to act and think, as well as their ability to learn and succeed in school and beyond. Defining characteristics of Maternelle:

A school that adapts to young children
  • A school that welcomes children and their parents
  • A school that supports the transitions that children go through
  • A school that takes children's individual development into account
  • A school that conducts positive assessment


A school that organizes specific learning methods
  • Learning while playing
  • Learning while thinking and resolving problems
  • Learning while exercising
  • Learning while remembering and memorizing


A school where children will learn together and live together
  • Understanding the purpose of school
  • Developing one's individuality while in a group setting

AIS Grade Levels

At AIS, grade levels follow the naming convention of the French National Education system and are divided into four academic cycles.

Maternelle - Early Learning

PK3 - Petite Section (PS)

PK4 - Moyenne Section (MS)

Kinder - Grande Section (GS)

École - Elementary School

1st - Cours Préparatoire (CP)

2nd - Cours Élémentaire 1 (CE1)

3rd - Cours Élémentaire 2 (CE2)

4th - Cours Moyen 1 (CM1)

5th - Cours Moyen 2 (CM2)

Collège - Middle School

6th - Sixième (6e)

7th - Cinquième (5e)

8th - Quatrième (4e)