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Beyond the Classroom

Austin International School takes great care in crafting day trips, local excursions, and international travel experiences to enhance the global education that your child will receive at every phase of their academic journey.

Beginning in preschool, students embark on journeys to places like the aquarium and dinosaur park, fostering their curiosity about the world around them. The exploration continues in CM1/4th grade with our first overnight trip to Ft. Davis, where they not only learn about independence but also delve into nature, the outdoors, and space through visits to the McDonald Observatory.

As your child progresses into middle school, they face exciting challenges at Outdoor School each year, pushing their boundaries, overcoming fears, and discovering new capabilities. They learn the value of teamwork, supporting classmates through obstacles, and tapping into their own resilience.

Expanding their horizons further, our 5th graders embark on a transformative two-week exchange program in France, immersing themselves in the local culture and lifestyle. For our graduating 8th graders, the journey continues with a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, where they put their immersive language skills to the test by living within the community, attending school, and exploring the surroundings for an enriching two-week experience.

Each journey is an integral part of your child's holistic education, fostering global awareness, cultural understanding, and personal growth.