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CNED (3e/9th grade)

Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance (CNED)

3e (9th grade) Diplôme National du Brevet

Graduates of Austin International School’s 8th grade (4e) have the possibility of continuing to work toward their first official French National Diploma (Le Diplôme National du Brevet des Collèges), issued to students at the end of 9th grade (3e). This internationally-recognized qualification will allow students to continue their studies toward the French Baccalauréat (high school diploma) if desired. Moreover, it is an excellent qualification to add to a student’s CV.
As an official partner of the Centre national d'enseignement à distance (CNED) or National Centre for Distance Education, Austin International School is responsible for course registrations, monitors student progress, and provides access to academic support with French faculty in Austin.
What is the courseload like?
Students registered in CNED’s Supplemnetary Education for International Students model (Scolarité complémentaire à l’international) will work semi-autonomously and in parallel with their 9th grade studies in a local school. The CNED program does not replace, but supplements a student’s 9th grade education. This is a demanding course of studies that will require students to dedicate an extra 12-14 hours per week to academics in French. Students are encouraged to discuss the feasibility of this additional courseload with the parents or guardians, while also considering any extracurricular commitments. The CNED program follows the French school year which runs from September to June.
What courses do students take?
In preparation for the national exams, which typically take place in June, students must complete coursework in at least three subject areas. They work in a structured and guided program in the following subject areas during the 36-week school year that runs from September to June:
  • French language: 10 units, 16 hours per unit, 4.5 hours per week, 10 assignments to submit
  • Mathematics: 10 units, 12 hours per unit, 3.5 hours per week, 10 assignments to submit
  • History and Geography: 11 units, 10 hours per unit, 4.5 hours per week, 10 assignments to submit
Though it is not required, it is also recommended that students register for the following course to help prepare them for final examinations in the sciences:
  • Earth and Life Sciences: 10 units, 5.5 hours per unit, 1.5 hours per week, 6 assignments to submit
What is the format for learning (e.g., online, in-person, hybrid)?
The primary format for the course is online, though families have the option of ordering hardcopies of student material for an additional fee of $250. Most of the learning will take place through self-guided studies, but a team of professional educators trained by the French Ministry of Education will support students during their course of studies. For graduates of AIS, this will include weekly access to faculty members from our school.
Is there any instruction, direct or indirect?
This program includes a mix of self-directed study, indirect instruction (i.e., email access to a course tutor in France), and direct academic support (i.e., on-campus support at AIS with certified teachers). It is important that students engage in their academics and come to academic support classes having completed the majority of their work for the week.
What do I need to access course material?
Regular access to a reliable internet connection is required to participate in the CNED’s Supplemnetary Education for International Students program. After registration, you will be provided with access to CNED’s online platform where you will have access to course materials, submit work for correction, and communicate with online tutors.
What are the costs associated?
For students registered in the Supplementary Education for International Students program in the 2022-2023 academic year, the fees are $6,750. These fees include:
  • An orientation session held at Austin International School in September 2022
  • Access to three official courses and assignments of the French Ministry of National Education, namely:
    French language, mathematics, social studies (history and geography)
  • Two hours of in-person academic support provided each week by AIS instructors (Fridays, 4:00pm-6:00pm)
  • Email-based distance tutoring provided by instructions of the CNED based in France
  • Monitoring of student progress by educators trained by the French Ministry of National Education
  • Regular student assessment in order to provide insight into student progress
  • Correction and feedback of all work submitted online by CNED faculty members
  • An official attestation of participation in studies at the end of the academic year
Fees may be paid in one payment of $6,750, two payments of $3,375, or nine monthly payments of $755. Optional fees that are due with the first installment include:
  • $250 for Earth and Life Sciences
  • $250 paper fee to receive hardcopies of coursework


What are important dates to know about?
  • May 2022: Updated registration documentation is sent from CNED to partner schools and then to families.
  • June 2022: Registration opens for students and is open through December 8, 2022.
  • September 1, 2022: Classes begin for all registered students.
  • June 30, 2023: Classes end for all registered students.
How do I register?
Simply reach out to to our school for the required registration form. After registering for the Supplementary Education for International Students program, choose whether or not you would like to register for the optional Earth and Life Sciences (SVT) course, and whether or not you would like hard copies of your work. Select a payment structure and method, then ensure a parent/guardian and the student read the acknowledgements and sign where indicated. Your registration will only be processed once we have received your first payment installment. 
Does this include registration for the Brevet?
No. Students will need to register as an independent candidate at an approved Brevet testing center. This is done directly the Examination Services Department of the French Embassy in Washington, DC. Two testing centers in Texas include Awty International School (Houston) and Dallas International School, and fees are typically around $150.

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